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Women's is a multivitamin and multimineral dietary supplement. Its complete composition of 12 vitamins and 7 minerals will enable you to replenish with vitality and to benefit from optimal shape throughout the day. Vitamins and minerals are essential nutrients that our body needs to function healthily. Absorbing / Taking in all the nutritional values of vitamins and minerals in one day is sometimes complicated.

In spite of a healthy and balanced diet, it is sometimes necessary to eat astronomical quantities of food in order to obtain all the recommended nutritional values in vitamins and minerals. Women's dietary supplement formula has been developed to obtain the necessary quantities that you need to be in optimal shape and to make you radiate with beauty. Our Women's supplement contains a complex which brings together all of the vitamins and mineralsuseful to give you a natural boost of energy which will be reflected in your complexion. Its formula is ideal for living each day to the fullest. It not only helps you strengthen your immune system, but it also helps you fight against oxidative stress.

This dietary supplement is an all-in-one treasure that allows you to best fill the nutritional deficiencies of vitamins and minerals in your diet. Easy to digest, Women's provides a daily supply of vitamins and minerals ideal for getting back into shape and coping with busy days. Furthermore, it contains wild yam, a tuber that promotes the production of natural female hormones. This complement is the ideal daily partner to make you radiate wellbeing and beauty.


The optimal composition of vitamins and minerals contained in Women’s will have several major impacts on the body. By completing the deficiencies in the daily diet with vitamins and minerals, this dietary supplement will help you strengthen your immune system. Throughout the day, the body is protected against external bacteria and viruses. When the body does not get enough vitamins and minerals, the immune system can be weakened. The ingredients in Women’s provide a large enough intake to boost the immune system up and give it the strength it needs to cope with external attacks.

With a high content of vitamins and minerals, Women’s will also act as an antioxidant. It will protect the body cells against oxidative stress. In doing so, it limits the harmful effects of free radicals and other external attacks. The components of Women’s will help strengthen the cells of the body. All of the benefits provided by Women’s will give the body a boost. This supplement also contains a high concentration of yam which has many benefits for women. It stimulates the production of progesterone while promoting digestion and helping reduce effects caused by menstrual disorders and, particularly, menopause. Thanks to the beneficial actions of this supplement on the body, you will be able to radiate well-being inside and out.


The formula of Women’s dietary supplement is composed of several vitamins. You will find vitamin A which, besides stimulating the immune system and being an antioxidant, will promote good vision. The sun's vitamin, vitamin D3, will stimulate the production of antibodies and thereby strengthen immunity. Its high bioavailability also helps strengthen the general skeletal structure and helps maintain good muscles. Vitamin C has antioxidant properties, which in particular promote the production of white blood cells. It helps reduce fatigue thanks to the boost it gives to the body. This vitamin is the perfect stimulant that will bring tone to the body while being the ideal ally for good skin maintenance. Vitamin E also has excellent antioxidant properties which will protect the body against various external attacks. Finally, you will also find a whole set of B vitamins which will contribute to normal energy metabolism and help fight against moments of fatigue. These vitamins also participate in the proper functioning of the nervous system and the immune system.


InformationsSourceFor one cap per intake
Vitamine AVitamine A acetate1200 Ug
Vitamine D3Lanolin from sheep's woo7,5ug
Vit. EDl-alpha tocopheryl acetate30 mg
Vit. CAscorbic acid80 mg
Vit. B1 (thiamine)Thiamine mononitrate4,2 mg
Vit. B2 (riboflavin)Riboflavin4,8 mg
Vit. B3 (niacin)Nicotinamide54 mg
Vit. B6 (pyridoxin)Pyridoxine hydrochloride6 mg
Vit. B9 (folic acid)Folic acid400 μg
Vit.B12Cyanocobalamin3 μg
BiotinD-Biotin150 μg
Vit. B5Calcium pantothenate15 mg
IronFerrous Fumarate BP (Fe 30.57 - 32.87%)14 mg
ZincZinc citrate trihydrate15 mg
copperCopper bisglycinat1650 Ug
MaganeseTBC1 mg
SeleniumSodium selenite100 μg
ChroniumChronium pollinate100 μg
iodidePotassium iodite225 μg
Panax Ginseng Root 1% 3:1 PEGinseng root100 μg
Siberian Ginseng 0.8% PEGinseng root100 μg


In addition to the vitamins, the composition of Women’s is also rich in minerals, which are equally important for the proper functioning of the body. In particular, it contains zinc, iron, copper, manganese, selenium, chromium and iodine to ensure an ideal balance of minerals. They will play a role in providing energy to the body and to the immune system. Women’s supplement contains a higher concentration of iron than the Men’s supplement. Iron is an essential mineral beneficial for the immune system which also promotes tone and vitality. It is by promoting the transport of oxygen throughout the body that iron affects the body energy levels. It also helps in the formation of red blood cells. However, women have a higher need for red blood cells, especially during menstruation, which is why Women’s dietary supplement contains greater amounts of iron than the men’s version.

Women’s is the ideal all-in-one nutritional supplement for women who want to feel better on the inside so that they can radiate on the outside. In addition, this dietary supplement, composed of a considerable set of minerals and vitamins, will have a significant impact in strengthening the immune system. Thanks to Women’s you will have an optimal shape for a radiant complexion of beauty.

  • When to take Multivitamin Women? Multivitamin Woman should be taken with a meal (ideally lunch).
  • How many capsules? 1 capsule per day.
  • How to take your capsules? Simply take them with a large glass of water.
  • One bottle? 60 days.