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Thanks to the many beneficial properties of L-CARNITINE LIQUID 5000, you can optimize your sports sessions or your intense workouts. Thanks to its very effective formula, this supplement is the ideal partner for who is following a low calorie diet and an active lifestyle in order to lose weight Thanks to its properties, LCarnitine allow the body to use fat to produce energy, which prevents fat to be stored in the body deposits.

The effects of L-Carnitine

L-Carnitine is an amino acid-like substance produced naturally by the body. It directs the fatty acids carried by the blood to the mitochondria, special cells that convert fat into energy. Fatty acids are therefore not stored in fat cells as they are used up to produce the energy source ATP. L-Carnitine is important in strength or endurance athletes as it is a valid supplement for everybody.

An effective form of L-Carnitine

Thanks to its liquid form, L-CARNITINE LIQUID 5000 allows very fast absorption for immediate effectiveness. For optimal results, take 20 ml per day before training.

A sugar-free formula L-Carnitine

L-CARNITINE LIQUID 5000 contains no sugar or fat, and is extremely low in calories. It is an ideal drink to include in a low carbohydrate and low fat weight loss program or a sports program that will allow you to take full advantage of its properties.

L-Carnitine Liquid is suitable for all athletes

Whether you practice a sport for relaxation and to burn a few excess calories, or if you practice a sport intensely and want to boost your results, L-CARNITINE LIQUID 5000 is the ideal addition to your daily routine. It it convenient and easy to carry to the gym or to your training ground.

L-Carnitine and it's irresistible fruity flavour

L-CARNITINE LIQUID 5000 has a delicious and absolutely irresistible raspberry taste. Your pre-training routines will become a real pleasure for your taste buds, something to put you in a good mood before you start an intense workout!